What you need to know about any home family photo sessions

People aren’t sure what to expect with at home photo sessions. So I thought I would do a post to show how they work & how lovely and relaxed they are. No need to stress, plan outfits, tidy up or bribe the kids!

Posed is not my style

I am happy to spend a small amount of time per session on portraits and family pictures. For the rest of the time I want you to have fun and spend time as a family, with me just tagging along and capturing the moments. Just about your day as you would normally.

family photo new baby

An imperfect home is perfect. Honestly!

Your home is where the memories are. How it is every day is how you will want to remember it. Not tidied like crazy with everything shoved in cupboards. The books, the toys, the washing, the reality is what it is all about. And everyone’s homes are the same, so please relax.

dad and son games

Every day activities ROCK!

Mealtimes, chill out time, playing games, making snacks. All these things make great photos for your family albums. And these are the snapshots I Iove to take for you. The reality of your family life. Please think of activities that your children love to do with you and let’s have some fun!

mum and son games Surrey


You do not need to wear matching outfits or your best clothes. We want you to be comfortable and at ease. So please just wear what you would normally wear when you are at home with your family.

baby girl yawning


Do not stress about your child’s behaviour. We want to capture the realness. The highs and the lows. The smiles and the tantrums. The love and the laughter. And don’t bribe them. If you want to get them a treat get them an activity that you can do while I am there.

baby boy crying with mum

Be in the photos

As parents we tend to be the one who takes the photos. So use this time of me being with you to be in the photos. Trust me, your children and future generations will appreciate these photos. They want to see you in them!

mum and children at home


It can be weird the thought of someone in your home but I am quite nice! Honestly! I will be in background and chatting to you all as a friend. I will be no bother, promise! And a cuppa never goes amiss!

mum and son hugging

Your photos

Your photos will be delivered digitally for you to view. You will also have the option to buy fine art prints that I now offer. Beautiful to display in your home and as gifts for family members.

mum and son playing


As a small business recommendations and reviews are so important to me. Plus I love to read your kind words. So please take a few minutes to do this- I would really appreciate it!

mum and son in den reading


To book a session please message me and we can discuss you family photo session. Take care and stay safe everyone x








What is your booking process,

what do they need to know and/or do before the session,

what will your session process be like,

and what can they expect after their session.

And what you expect from them!