The most wonderful Easter weekend in sunny Surrey

What a weekend! It was Easter and a birthday for us in the Clark house, double the excitement and double the sugar.

It was really lovely to have some time at home and to be able to enjoy the garden. Good job as the weather has turned again and the April showers are back. Our youngest loves nothing more than having a bucket of water and some toys….. oh to be 5 again.

And who doesn’t love an early morning Easter egg hunt!

And surprise birthday presents!

We also took a walk around Windsor on Easter Sunday. It was our oldest son’s 11th birthday (same day as the Queen’s) so where better to go. Windsor has always been one of my favourite places to visit. My mum said I loved going as a child too, and that love has definitely stayed with me. Windsor Castle is just beautiful and I highly recommend going inside to look around too, it’s fascinating. The changing of the guard is a huge crowd pleaser as well so we enjoyed watching them marching up to the castle.

After enjoying the sunshine it was definitely time for more chocolate but cake this time. I also made sure that we got a family photo as we never get one of the four of us and I love it.

It’s so important to be in the photos! Make sure you are….