Parkinson’s UK meeting, Surrey

When I wrote my photography bucket list all those months ago I knew I wanted to do something with a Parkinson’s charity.

My step-dad has Parkinson’s Disease. But what is it? Many people assume it’s just a tremor but there are many different symptoms but in the main it is a progressive neurological condition. And it sucks!

The disease is horrible. And if I’m honest it hurts. It hurts the people who are diagnosed with it and the people that surround them. The people who adore them and have to watch them suffer. And I am heartbroken and frustrated, I want to help. My step-dad is incredible and he’s doing so well, even though he thinks he isn’t. And my Mum, forever strong and amazing. Stay strong, we love you both.

So when I contacted Parkinson’s UK and they said I could do some photography I was thrilled. It’s not much in the grand scheme of things but it’s something to help & try to raise awareness.

At the end of last year I attended a few local Parkinson’s UK meetings. It was great to meet lots of friendly, welcoming faces. The quiz/ games afternoon was an opportunity for them to have fun together. Getting to speak to them and their loved ones about their Parkinson’s journey was so helpful for me.

people playing cards

couple, lady laughing

people laughing, playing games

lady laughing, joyous

man laughing

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,              ‘I will try again tomorrow.’

A cause so close to my heart and I am hoping to do more in the future for Parkinson’s UK. It really was a joy to meet these wonderful people and see them having fun. I hope in the future Parkinson’s UK can find a cure for this horrible disease.

Watch this space!

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