Home is where true personalities come out

At home photo sessions are the best!

In your own familiar surroundings so that you are all relaxed and at ease.  Home is where your family becomes, well, a family. Photographing life together – in that home – is perhaps the perfect way to freeze time.

I recently visited the Tsamplakos family. Mum wanted to do some photos for Father”s Day, so a sneaky photo session while Dad was at work was needed!

We had such fun. The children loved showing me around the garden, having fun on the trampoline and exploring in the nearby fields. There was no stress, and the children were able to be themselves.

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”



Home is definitely where true personalities come out. So let them stay where they are happiest, and let me come to you and capture their happiness.

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