“Documentary Family Photography is unposed and undirected. The story of your every day life and how you live it. So forget about the mess, the toys and books everywhere and embrace a lived in home. Your home. Your memories.”

As a family photographer I get to capture some wonderful moments. I thought I would share some of my favourite images from 2019.

My goodness, what a challenge! So many photos images I adore but I got it down to ten (somehow, cold easily have chosen 50!). Some of the photos are from client sessions and some are personal ones. The natural, relaxed approach that my clients love and that all of my sessions are.

All of them different and yet all of them wonderful for different reasons.

birth story, baby girl, black and white

My one and only birth… baby girl just been born.

I was so lucky I got the opportunity to photograph this birth (nearly a year ago now!) Her first cry earthside, her Mum smiling and the amazing staff that helped her arrive safely. I would love to do more in the future but for now feel so blessed that I was able to be there for such an incredible experience. You can see a full blog post here.

new baby, family of four

Fresh 48 at home. Slotting into family life.

Fresh 48 session at home. I adore the way the whole family is in the frame with the newest addition. He is so peaceful and surrounded by his family. The first few weeks are tough for everyone but these moments need to captured and remembered as they don’t stay dinky for long. At home everyone is more relaxed.

new baby with mum and grandma

Natural moments at home with the newest addition.

Another newborn family session at home. I was just about leave when I captured this photo. Moments at home are the best and I love that was just a snapshot moment in the mirror. Newborn says are tiring and long and everyone needs their Mum and a cuddle. Grandma was also just in shot too!

mum and daughter tickles

Such fun with Mum and daughter at home.

This black and white image was actually an at home family and bump session. I love the carefree joy between mother and daughter. This was only a few days before baby sister arrived and I love Mum and daughter are having some time together and some fun. I later went on to capture the family of four at home too.

bath time and hair wash for son

Bath time and the not so favourite hair wash!

Hair wash day. Such a normal moment captured. It’s the little moments I want to remember. Bath time is a favourite although hair washing is not, hence the flannel on his face. Every day moments are what I’d love to capture at your photo session too.

nan in the chair laughing

My Nan, laughing and full of joy.

My Nan, with my Aunty and my son in the background. She is laughing at a fart machine my other son is using. This is a treasured photo of her and it’s now on our wall at home. I love it when she laughs and I pleased I caught it with my camera. I love the older generation- their wisdom, stories and advice should be listened to.

fresh 48 session in hospital

Fresh 48 in hospital. Brand new!

A Fresh 48 session in St Peters Hospital., Chertsey. So new and so precious. A joy to capture. This was the first one I had done and those little legs and feet are just everything!! I know I am so privileged that people allow me to capture these moments for them.

shocked face opening present

The look of joy, this is what Christmas is all about.

Our son’s priceless expression on Christmas morning opening presents. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing this little face.

snow fun on a sledge on a hill

Snow days! We don’t get much snow so we have to make the most of it.

The children and my husband in the snow last year. Brilliant fun. We don’t get huge amounts of snow but this was amazing and what childhoods are made of. Will we get snow this year?

Great Grandma drinking a beer

97 years old and sneaking a sip of her Grandson’s beer!

My husband’s Grandma. 96 years old and trying her Grandson’s beer. I love that its a pint and it looks huge with her holding it. She just helped herself to a sip!

It has been an honour to capture so many wonderful families in 2019 and I cannot wait to meet many more in 2020. Thank you for all your love and support. 

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Emily x