Don’t forget the Grandparents…..

It’s easy to take photos of the children all the time. Even the pets. And everyone loves a selfie. But how often do you capture the grandparents (and great-grandparents!)

The people who are so important. Who we should treasure and spend time with. Sitting and soaking up their history and listening to their stories. Making your own memories with them and taking photos for future generations to enjoy.

So I have loved that a few of my recent photo sessions have included the grandparents! Grandma, Grandad, Nanny, Grandpa- whatever you call them, they deserve to be captured and remembered in images.

So whether it’s at home doing something together you love or out on adventure together, please let’s capture these times.

Our boys are so lucky to have two great-grandparents so I make sure I capture them as often as I can.

One day these photos will be all you have and you will be glad you took them.

Do you take enough photos of parents/ grandparents/ great-grandparents? Message me if you would like a family photo session to capture the generations of your family.