Dear Son….

A new chapter in your life has started. We know you were nervous, and slightly apprehensive. You have taken a huge step into a new and unknown world, the world of secondary school. The journey that will take you on many adventures, that will test you and will also be the place where you will form lifelong friendships.

This part of your story is new for us all but we are excited to see where it takes you.

You have embraced the changes, the new routine and different surroundings. Timetables, new subjects, clip on ties, over sized blazers and especially the cafeteria!!

“You’re off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!’

As your Mum I was so anxious for you. Worried of the change, and the huge leap into a bigger world. I know I will struggle to adjust as I have to take a step back. I wont know all your friends, or their parents. I feel sick about the bigger kids. I worry about the homework. But I wouldn’t be human without these worries for you, and it all comes from love.

What we do know is that you are completely amazing. We are so proud of you and everything you have achieved. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. Enjoy your new adventure……

Love Mum, Dad & Dink xxx