Common myths about documentary photography

Let’s talk about some common misconceptions about at home, documentary sessions.
I find people aren’t sure about it, don’t understand it even. So take a read and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
I’m worried our home is messy

Your home isn’t messy, its lived in. When you see your photos, you will only see your family and the love captured.

You will want to remember your home as it is, as this time. We want to capture the REAL!

boy hiding in toy box

Will it be weird to have a photographer in our home?

This concerns many people….until we meet. I am relaxed and love meeting families and spending time with them.

The whole session will be chilled, which people love (even Dads)

“It’s like having a friend over for a cuppa, who happens to be a very gifted photographer..” Bethany

mum and daughter tickling on bed

mum and son reading

The little details won’t be captured

The details will be captured, just in a natural way.

I love capturing details and understand how important they are to people. Trust me.

son and parents reading


We won’t get photos with the whole family in 

Yes you will! Photographing you at home doesn’t mean you wont get family photos.

I always strive to get you all in the frame together.

family at home, new baby


Our life is too boring to capture

No way! The everyday is the best. I will capture you family in your day today. If you are unsure then we can set up some activities that the family normally enjoy.

But most of the time they are not needed. Honestly!


The great thing is there is no pressure, which is fantastic, especially when children are involved. You just get to be you in your own home! EASY!

Pop any questions below that you may have and please contact me if you would like to book to session.