Capturing our family in lockdown


It’s so important. It’s part of our history and I want to capture it and document it for our children.

So I have been getting my camera out and snapping away. The little details, the everyday. The highs and the lows.

For me the emotions are so raw, but we need to express how we feel. We need to remember how our lives have been affected and the impact the lockdown has had on us all.

We have struggled but we have each other, we are home and we are safe.

But the frustration is there. Our children are angry at the situation, missing their friends and school, now apprehensive of the outside world and normality.

13 weeks and counting…..

We can do this. One day we’ll look back on this and when we do I will have these images of our family.

Have you been capturing your family during lockdown? I shall be making a photobook of this time of all the images I taken for the boys to look back on.