Bucket List- Street Photography

Something I have wanted to try for a while and it’s been on my bucket list is Street Photography. Capturing people going about their days, unaware of being snapped. Raw and real.

I was so nervous. Completely out of my comfort zone and not knowing where to start. But sometimes pushing yourself is good, anxiety and all!

I decided to stay fairly local for my first attempt and headed to Windsor. Unfortunately it wasn’t the busiest of days. So I sat and observed. The tourists, families, children and locals bustling past and all staring in wonder at the history especially the castle (one of my personal favourites!)

I didn’t take many photos and a lot I took were deleted immediately. But I did get some photos. I did go out of my comfort zone. I did feel anxious. And I did love it!

I am itching to go again. But where to next?

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