At home photo session with Beckie, Indigo & Albus

At home photo sessions can be perfect with small children.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Beckie and her gorgeous son Indigo. We decided to do an at home photo session as the weather hasn’t been the best and with Indigo only being 10 months old it was perfect.

When I arrived I was greeted by a very excited doggy with the best name EVER, Albus! For those that know my family you will know we all love Harry Potter. Indigo and Albus are the best of friends already, it was so lovely to see.

Indigo was happy playing with his toys while I snapped away and captured some lovely moments for the family. These are the moments you want to remember- at home, with their favourite toys and belongings. Happy & relaxed.

Mummy being in the photos too was important (next time we need Daddy there as well!) They don’t stay little for long and its great to take as many photos as you can to remember them when they are tiny.


These sessions are great for families and are my favourite. Memories to treasure, forever.

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