5 signs I’m NOT the right photographer for you!

Different people are looking for different things when it comes to their family photos. My style is not for everyone, and that’s absolutely fine. Documenting families for me is telling a story of every day life. Real life is not all sunshine, it comes with lots of emotions, normally some crazy moments and of course lots of fun. Most people are used to photo sessions that are a bit different so here is a bit more about my sessions….

1. If you are looking for picture perfect posed family photos then hiring me would not be a good idea. I’m about real life and the chaos that comes with it. And real life definitely isn’t all smiles and being jolly!

2. If you would like a studio experience unfortunately I can’t help you. My sessions are either at your home or exploring outdoors, whichever you would prefer. The session is about doing whatever your family enjoys doing.

3. You think your home isn’t photo session worthy! Oh please! Your home is full of memories and I love to capture that. Plus it’s the place your family will feel most relaxed. 

4. How lovely if you are thinking about new outfits for the photos sessions but are no guidelines with what to wear for my sessions. Come as you are. Every day life is what my images are all about. 

5. The thought of formal family photos makes you a little bit stressed and anxious. Then I’m definitely the photographer for you. It’s about story telling and remembering your family, as they are, at this moment in time. No stress, no direction (Just ignore me and carry on as normal)

So if you have made it to the end of the this blog post and decided that I am the photographer for you then drop me a message and let’s chat ( I do love a chat & I would love to meet you and your family!)

Emily x